Your floral horoscope: Pisces

Which flower matches your star sign?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, everyone reads their horoscope from time to time. You can probably list the characteristics of the star sign under which you were born. It’s not just the heavens that have something to say about your personality. Flowers also have a signature which can be appropriately matched to a star sign. We’ve produced a floral horoscope in collaboration with ELLE and astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter. Read on to find out which flower is right for you!

Your floral horoscope: Pisces

What the stars say about Pisces

Pisces is a real chameleon, and has characteristics of all the other signs of the zodiac. You make life meaningful, and are therefore seen as a true inspiration. This list of characteristics perfectly matches: narcissus.

This flower emphasises your personality

In Greek mythology Narcissus became fascinated with his own reflection when he saw it in a pond. He pined away and was transformed into the flower which bears his name to this day. The wild narcissus, which was used for medicine in the past, is very rare nowadays. The cultivated version on the other hand - which you can often encounter in the wild as well - is one of the most popular flowers and available in hundreds of different varieties. In Asia it’s viewed as a lucky flower because it comes into bloom at the start of the Chinese New Year. 

The rest of the zodiac bouquet

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Illustrations: Nicola Kloosterman