Your floral horoscope: Sagittarius

Which flower matches your star sign?

Whether you're a fan of astrology or you couldn't care less, everyone reads their horoscope from time to time and we all know the characteristics of our star sign. It’s not just the heavens that can offer insight into about our personalities, however. Flowers also have a signature meaning, and we can match them up to their corresponding star sign. To unpack the mysteries of the heavens and help you out when it comes to blossoms and blooms, we’ve produced a floral horoscope in collaboration with ELLE and astrologer Bernard Fitzwalter. Read on to find out which flower is right for you.

Your floral horoscope: Sagittarius

What the stars say about Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you see the positive in everything. You're a doer, and know what's going on. You love love, and falling in love — and you do it easily. This list of characteristics perfectly matches strelitzia.

Strelitzia emphasises your personality

Sagittarius is the sign of the traveller who is always up for discovering new places and pointing their arrows —symbolising ideas and longing for knowledge — ever higher. Strelitzia, also known as the bird of paradise flower, looks like its bud is filled with flaming arrow tips, but in fact they’re its petals. Other parts of the flower are turquoise, the colour associated with Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter. The attractive Strelitzia originates from South Africa, but just like Sagittarius it's in the process of taking over the world. 

The rest of the zodiac bouquet

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Illustrations: Nicola Kloosterman