4 Reasons why people love the Chrysanthemum

Not only are Chrysanthemums beautiful, they have special powers!

The Chrysanthemum is one of our favourite flowers at Bloom & Wild, and it appears that we are not alone. It frequently tops lists of most popular flowers, and here’s our top five reasons why. If you don’t love this beautiful bloom already, you sure will after this!

1. The Variety

There is so much choice when it comes to picking Chrysanthemums, from the type to the shape and colour. According to the The National Chrysanthemum Society there are said to be an amazing 13 categories including Pompons, Quills and Reflex. They also come in all sorts of colours, from the traditional red and yellow to the more unusual lavender and even multi coloured!

2. Long Lasting Flowers

If you'd like some cut flowers, then these will be one of the most long lasting ones you can choose! A week after cut they will look better than ever, and a week after that, and they’ll still be fresh. Longer than two weeks is their average vase life, making them a cut above the rest.

3. They have Special Powers

Not only are Chrysanthemums beautiful to look at and easy to care for, they also have some pretty amazing special powers. As indoor plants they can to help remove all the nasty toxins in the air, and Chrysanthemum tea is even used to relieve sore throats and headaches. A natural medicine!

4. Their Symbolism

Last but not least, we truly love Chrysanthemums because of all the glorious meanings behind them. It’s well established that they symbolise joy, happiness and a long life. We don’t think there is a flower happier than the Chrysanthemum, which in turn makes us very very happy.

If you know of any other reason why to love Chrysanthemums that should be added on our list, please leave a comment below or share your reasons on our Facebook or Twitter pages!