This beautiful flower will not let you go

Asclepias, also called milkweed or the silk plant, is one of the summer flowers that stands out because of its colour, flower shape and long-lasting qualities. The flower belongs to the family of silk plants, Asclepiadiaceae, which also includes Stephanotis, Ceropegia and Hoya.

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The most well-known silk plant is the orange Asclepias tuberosa. But fortunately for us, in recent years a lot of new and trendy colours have been created that can be combined beautifully, from burgundy to cream to pink and purple. And to top it all off, the multi-flowered umbels are lightly and deliciously scented.


The tubular fruits of the silk plant family contain seeds with long, white and silky hairs, which is where the family gets its name. Asclepias symbolises "let me go". It is named after the Greek god of medicine, Aesculapios, the son of Apollo. He is said to be able to bring the dead back to life. But beware, the entire plant is poisonous, so don't take this too literally.


Asclepias originates in North America, where it grows on dry grasslands. Milkweed can be found all over the country, in both the northern and southern states. The plant started to be cultivated in England in 1699, and later spread throughout the world.