Tips & inspiration for a floral wedding

Many of us have entered summer with a new ring sparkling on our finger and the promise of an upcoming wedding. If you're now looking forward to the moment you can say 'I do', you've probably begun to think about the big day itself. Besides the rings, cake and guests, don’t forget the flowers — in your bouquet, as a corsage, on the table and decorating the venue. We would love to share our tips with you about different bridal flowers and how you can get them to look their finest at your wedding.

Bridal flowers

Some flowers are very popular with weddings because of their appearance and symbolism. Calla is often used, freesia is also, rose because it is the flower of love and peonies because of their romantic appearance. In addition, the peony symbolises love, health and happiness. Dried flowers are a relatively new trend - they can also be used magically in a bridal bouquet. Here's a wonderful example in combination with fresh flowers.

Current floral wedding trends

For the current year, well-known floral designers from 2Dezign have put together four trend themes that could set the tone for upcoming weddings. Together with a flower designer each, four themes are presented: Weding in the Mix, Natural Vintage Wedding, Sweet in Peach and Trendy Lilac. We show all four trends as well as inspiring photos in this article

Flowers for every season 

We have put together a bouquet idea for spring, summer, autumn and winter, featuring the most beautiful seasonal flowers of each period. If you plan to marry in the summer, give our summer wedding bouquet a look with its stately calla lilies. If you're saying yes in September, rope in the dahlia as a witness with a beautiful late summer bridal bouquet that matches the season. Brides who prefer to marry in the winter should check out our winter wedding bouquet with white alstroemeria and eucalyptus. And for those who are waiting until next year, we've collected some ideas for a magnificent springtime wedding, including a sparkling bridal bouquet with spring flowers

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