Wedding bouquet with fresh and dried flowers

A special bouquet for a wonderful day

There's no wedding without a bridal bouquet. But if you're wondering how to put your own spin on the tradition, then you could do worse than choosing this bouquet. We've combined fresh and dried flowers into a beautiful spectacle of colour and texture. It's bound to have the whole wedding party jumping to catch it.

Wedding bouquet with fresh and dried flowers |

This bridal bouquet is a combination of two glorious worlds: fresh flowers and dried flowers. Pass the bouquet recipe below to your florist, and ask for some some extra flowers to make a matching floral crown.  And what makes this sustainable bouquet recipe extra fun: you can enjoy it long after your wedding! 

Flowers for the bouquet

  • Rose
  • Gypsophila
  • Carnation 
  • Helichrysum (also known as Strawflower)
  • Sweet pea
  • Limonium
  • Rudbeckia 
  • Achilea (also known as yarrow)
  • Glixia 
  • Ixodia
  • Grasses, including fluffy lagurus or bunny-tail grass
  • Ruscus (also known as butcher's broom)



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