An eye-catching flower that means "yours forever"

Dahlia petals are magnificent, like a crown covered in diamonds. Colourful and eye-catching, these flowers are right at home in a sumptuous bouquet.

dahlia | mooiwatbloemendoen

Colours and shapes

This stunning flower is all about the petals. Sometimes they are evenly coloured and subtle, other times they are noticeably bright with spots or stripes. Some varieties have a single row of petals, while others have dozens. This fabulous flower has an incredible number of colour and shape variations. The petals can be round, elongated or even rolled.


Dahlias are more than just beautiful flowers. The bloom symbolises abundance, strength and love. More specifically, it means "yours forever". Choose the right colour and shape for your loved one, to make the message of the bouquet even more personal.


The dahlia is a tuberous plant that originates from Mexico. Europeans brought the flower back with them to Europe when they first sailed over to Central America. The flower was named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, one of Carl Linnaeus’ pupils.