Enjoying the taste of what love brings us

Sit down with flowers and lovers

Can you smell it ? Love is in the air. In the form of beautifully scented flowers and dishes that tickle your taste buds. Sit down for a tete a tete, and enjoy the taste of love in all its forms. Treats prepared with passion by today’s chef, delicately awakening flowers, your dinner companion’s rapidly beating heart. It’s time for some warmth - time for love!

The four phases of love

Love comes in many forms - just like flowers. You can flirt deliciously with ranunculus, express your yearning with carnations, seduce with freesias and declare your love with roses. Get to know them better, and discover which flower to choose for the person who has captured your heart. Also take a look at the opulent bouquet recipe: a vase filled with flowers that is so overflowing with love it’s guaranteed plenty of likes. 

Through the stomach

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But doesn’t the same apply to women? Well luckily we have four delicious recipes with edible flowers* for you to make their heart beat faster. Filo tarts made from chioggia beets with cardamom and aniseed caramel, almond carnations with pistachio marzipan and orange blossom water and rosewater, fennel salad with grilled ricotta, rose chutney and pomegranate, and three delectable cordials. 


Something for the eye as well

But we can’t overlook the fact that people like something for the eye as well. Whether it’s an opulent dress, perfectly trimmed beard or a beautiful table setting, things that are well-groomed hold our gaze for a little longer. Ensure delighted looks and open mouths with a stunning table styling and an extravagant DIY floral chandelier. Give those eyes plenty to enjoy!

Always time for love

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love 365 days a year - we bet it will make you even happier.

*One more thing: never tuck in to just any old (cut) flower or plant; only use edible flowers from specialist suppliers that have been grown for human consumption.