Let love grow in four steps

A flower for every phase

You may have experienced love at first sight, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that you will still go through several phases of love together.  Because you don’t want to miss out on flirting, yearning and seducing, do you? Go through all the steps of awakening love and celebrate it with a matching flower. 

Flirt with ranunculus

Extravagant ranunculus brings spring into your home. The flower come in white, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. The petals open one by one until you can look straight into the heart of the flower. Ranunculus also symbolises charm. Oh ranunculus, what a flirt you are!

Yearn with carnations

Carnations have intense colours: from pale green to deep purple and salmon pink or a combination of colours, and sometimes also have a delectable subtle fragrance. There are carnations with a single flower, and there are spray carnations. Some have very unusual petals: rounded or serrated. It sometimes lifts it skirts slightly so that you can see the twist in its stem. But not too much, obviously. 

Seduce with freesias

The fantastic freesia comes in sparkling colours ranging from white to blue. It leaves a subtle hint of perfume behind. A comb of fabulous flowers unfolds at the end of each long stem, and even continues to grow cheerfully in the vase. Every day she looks different, so you never get enough of her. This seductress is able to hold your attention. 

Love with roses

The Queen of Flowers is the Queen of Love. All colours have their own special meaning, so there’s always a suitable rose. From passionate love to purity, friendship or gratitude. With the rose you can emphasise your love in whatever way you choose. 

The flowers are each gorgeous on their own, but in a lavish bouquet as a quartet they are even more beautiful. Take a look at the bouquet recipe for a vase that’s dripping with love.