Which flowers should you give in which situation?

From declarations of love to expressions of support

At times it can be difficult to put into words what you are feeling. Flowers can help you! They have been given since ancient times when words fail or when you need to read between the lines (or petals). From declaration of love to statement of support: read on and discover the flowers which help you to share all your warmth and support, when you cannot find the words yourself.

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In Asia, the chrysanthemum has been extremely popular for centuries. So popular that even the Imperial family and later the government adopted the flower as a symbol of long life. The name of the chrysanthemum comes from the Greek: chrys, meaning gold, and anthemon, meaning flower. It is a perfect flower to embody supporting someone from isolation, wishes happiness and grants a wise and long life. If someone is lonely or if you want to wish them good health, this could be the flower that helps you to get your message across.  


White and pink carnations symbolise a mother's undying and unconditional love for her child, and have been the flower to give on Mother's Day for over a hundred years. Carnations are therefore also an appropriate flower to give in case of a loss of a child, such as a miscarriage or a stillbirth.


Could one of your friends use some protection in these turbulent times? Then give them tulips. The tulip used to be called the God Flower and stood for protection and spiritual growth. The colour of the tulip can also determine the message you want to give. Red tulips, for example, represent fierce love and black tulips are a way of saying: 'I love you so much that I am prepared to sacrifice everything'. 


The alstroemeria symbolises a long-lasting friendship, and it's therefore the perfect gift to celebrate a beautiful friendship with. All six petals of the alstroemeria stand for a valuable quality: understanding, humour, patience, compassion, decisiveness and respect. Which petal represents which meaning is up to you to choose. It is a flower that says 'I am here for you, always'. Whatever difficult situation a friend may be in, this flower will always be there for both them and you.


If you want to have a one of the best days of your year, or your grandparents need a boost of love, why not buy a big bunch of asters. Besides autumnal joy, they also represent a happy old age. Either way, they're a real mood booster! Curious how flowers can give the elderly a boost? Read more about it in our article.

Blue thistle

You could say that the thistle symbolises life. The combination of the soft floral heart and the thorny leaves shows that life has both happy and sad periods, meaning that giving this flower as a gift can be very appropriate in many situations.


Purple flowers stand for dignity, preparation, seriousness and mourning. That makes the purple callicarpa a fitting flower to give to close relatives who are arranging a funeral, to let them know you are there for them. But it is also a fitting flower for many other situations where words fail to come up with the appropriate response.


In China, the Cymbidium is a gift for friends. The flower is a symbol of a valued and respected friendship. Beautiful when combined with alstroemeria! It's the perfect flower to let friends know that you're there for them. 


Of course, the rose stands for love, but there can be no rose without thorns. The thorns symbolise that life doesn't always come up roses, meaning you can use the rose not only to express love but also to show your empathy in more difficult times. Did you know that each colour also has its own meaning? Red stands for love, white for purity, pink for gratitude, orange for appreciation and yellow for connection.


If you are enthusiastic about anything,  bouvardias are your best friends. The pointed flowers are reminiscent of small trumpets, which help to sound your enthusiasm out into the world. Get a few branches in the house, put them in the water and let them do their thing.


Love has many translations in the flower world. For example, roses are the undisputed symbols of romance and love. But did you know that the dahlia symbolises 'forever yours'? If you have given your heart away forever, celebrate it with a large bouquet of dahlias. And did you know that the Dahlia is one of the current trending flowers


Is a wind of renewal blowing through your life or that of a loved one? Then the tuberose is ready to flutter along with you. This fragrant princess blooms at night and fills a room with her fresh, slightly sweet scent. Ideal to wake up to!


Our love for flowers stems from the human need to connect with nature, something that we all need to be healthy and happy. So if you want to laugh more, you know what to do! Let your feelings speak with flowers or use flowers to speak when words aren't enoughLet us know how you're bringing more flowers into your life on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #funnyhowflowersdothat and #weneedmoreflowers.