African flag

Exotic and red

Whether you call this flower African Flag, Cobra Lily or Chasmanthe Floribunda Saturn, you are bringing a South African flower into your home.

Afrikaanse vlag
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Looking for the bunches of ten to twelve tubular, orangey-red flowers is how you recognise the African flag. The flowers grow vertically on either side of the flower stem, on the underside of which you will find sword-shaped leaves. African flag is somewhat similar to Crocosmia, but the flowers of African flag are recognisable by their tubular shape, whereas Crocosmia has flared petals.


The genus name is derived from the Greek words for 'gaping' and 'flower'. But that does not mean that you get tired when you put African flag in the vase - on the contrary. These fiery flowers give plenty of energy and strength. Ideal for a bouquet with a little power!


African Flag originates from South Africa. The flowers grow there in the wild, from a bulb. You will find African Flag in forest edges from the Western Cape to the Transkei, but the flower has also been cultivated in Europe for a long time now. Did you know that African flag is from the Iridaceae family? Just like the Iris and the Crocosmia mentioned above.