We need more flowers

This is why.

Flowers have a positive effect on us. Research* shows this, but we also know for ourselves: we feel happier with flowers around us. So it makes sense to want to surround us with flowers. We want more flowers. More roses, more tulips, more gerberas, lilies, dahlias and more lilacs. More bouquets, more pretty vases, and wild arrangements. More opulent spectacles and beautifully scented trifles. We need more flowers. And you probably do too.

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Less stuff, more enjoyment

We don’t need more stuff. But we need more of the things that have always given us pleasure. More being together, more kissing, more laughter. More bravery, more romance, more wonder. More flowers to make the moments that really matter count even more. More brides, more candles on the cake, more arms that embrace you. More love for yourself, one another, and the beauty of life.

We need more flowers

We cannot say it often enough: flowers make you happy! We've captured the feeling that a floral display gives you in a feelgood video. Watch it now!


More, more, more flowers!

We need more flowers. So we have selected the 5 most extravagant bouquets, we’ve researched which flowers soften the pangs of love, and we found the best ways to surprise people with pop-up flowers. The flowers that you choose naturally depend entirely on your mood. Also see how flowers can help you in the kitchen, can enhance your wardrobe and can brighten your interior. 

Flowers to share

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*Link research