Bouquet recipe: a heart-warming bouquet

Nice to receive but even more fun to give
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Do flowers make you happy? That isn't surprising, because scientific research confirms that flowers make us happy! Enjoying flowers with your loved ones brings you double happiness, so we've put together a heart-warming bouquet which gives you immediate good feelings as both a receiver and giver! Who are you going to surprise with this bundle of happiness?

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We need more flowers

We need more flowers This golden yellow bouquet, with the chrysanthemum in the lead role, makes your heart sing. Additionally, did you know that this bouquet will help to bring positivity your way? Chrysanthemums bring warmth and colour, and symbolise health and happiness*, as well as having a very long shelf life. More than enough reasons to give this bouquet as a gift (to yourself)!

*Just so you know, the meaning of flowers aren't the same everywhere. Read more about it in our article on flower etiquette.

You will need

  • Different types of chrysanthemums. We used spray, fluff and santini chrysanthemums. On the latter, the flowers are branched on the stem and are much more compact, which gives a special look!

  • Olea europea (olive sprigs)

How to make it

Make life easy for yourself and ask your local florist to arrange this bouquet, or for an extra-personal touch, arrange it yourself! Check out our article on how to arrange a field bouquet for guidance. 

More floral happiness

More floral happiness Ready for more floral happiness? Discover the positive effect of flowers on your wellbeing and discover how flowers make a bad morning mood all but disappear. Bring an exuberant bouquet into your home, or create an endless sea of ​​flowers!

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