3 bouquet ideas for autumn

All the colours, scents and textures of the season
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It's not just the weather that changes in the autumn. Shop windows, florists and flower markets turn over their wares in preparation for the colder months. Once again, in fashion and flowers, we look to deep reds, golden yellows and fiery orange hues. The cooler weather requires us to think creatively about textures and layering, and as we reach for seasonal flowers or even dried flowers to decorate our houses, we search for ways to communicate this new state of mind. We have three ideas for you to try: a bold bouquet, sculptural stems in a statement vase, and a showstopping floral display.

3 bouquet ideas for autumn - Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

You will need

A glorious dried flower bouquet - Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk
Boldly arranged bouquet

Use a clear container to create a spectacle that runs from the bottom of the shortest stems to the tips of the tallest petals. There are no rules here if you approach the whole bouquet as a flower arrangement — and it's quite easy to do. Place some floral foam in the bottom of the vase. Then, insert individual flowers into this, before placing the bouquet in the middle. Its stems will be hidden by the flowers lower down. For best results, use height differences and create playful contrasts with feathers and autumn berries.

Statement vase bouquet

Try placing sculptural autumn stems in an eye-catching vase. Follow the example of the version in the picture, and choose an entertaining feature container for your fun bouquet. A gathering of plumes, spikes, foliage and berries emerging from a neoclassical bust is sure to get people's attention. Why not try using dried flowers for a real statement?

3 bouquet ideas for autumn - Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Showstopping autumn bouquet

Incorporate all your favourite autumn colours and shapes in this seasonal bouquet. Why choose between dahlia, crocosmia and hypericum, when you can bring everything together in one statement bunch? Your local florist can help you with the floral arrangement, but you can also make a relaxed-looking field bouquet by yourself if you prefer. Place the vase on a pedestal — it deserves it.