Bouquet recipe: mood booster bouquet

To put a smile on your face

Now that the days are slowly getting shorter, it's time to go inside and get cosy. Music on, candles lit, cushions fluffed and a mood boosting autumn bouquet in the vase. Because a beautiful bouquet in an even cosier vase immediately puts a smile on your face. Goodbye autumn blues, hello happiness infusion! This is how you make this wonderful mood booster bouquet, conceived especially for this season.

Bouquet recipe: mood booster bouquet |
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You will need

How to make it

Rule one? Don't hold back. Rule two? There are no rules! You can ask your local florist to make a statement bouquet, but it's even more fun to do it yourself. We bet you'll get in a good mood while making this bouquet.

The colours of the bouquet come to life in the vase. Orange lanterns, pink cosmos, deep red kangaroo shoots and white aster. It's subtle, but gives the desired effect.

The bouquet may be loose and without a frame in the vase, like a casual field bouquet. The berries like to increase the height while colourful cosmos draw attention right at the front. The grassy flowers emphasise the natural aspect of this bouquet and keep the whole thing playful and soft. All in all, it's just what you need for a mood booster bouquet!

More, more, more autumn inspiration?

Are you also looking forward to autumn and the beautiful colours of the season? Then perhaps the harvest bouquet is up your street, or try making a floral wreath with autumn flowers. Are you already following us? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We are curious to see your handiwork, so share your creation with us using the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat!