A snowball for your spring bouquet

Having cheerfully welcomed in the New Year, this snowball can now brighten any spring bouquet. Viburnum is available from January until June and while it was once a useful weapon in prehistoric times, it’s worked its way up to a being bouncy harbinger of spring. The buds slowly open one by one as it radiantly displays all its petals. Can you smell its softly sweet fragrance?

Colours and shapes

The flowers are soft pink or pure white and the plant has berries that birds adore. The leaves are a fresh green, with a beautiful sweet scent. The refined globe-shaped sprays of flowers make spring complete! 


If you want to show off a little (and you have reason to!), rush to the florist for a nice big bunch of Viburnum, symbolic of pride. The Latin name comes from ‘viere’, which means weaving or bending. 


Viburnums are shrubs or small trees that originate from Asia, North America, North Africa and Europe. The tropical variant occurs in South America, Indonesia and New Guinea. There are some 230 different species. In prehistoric times, Viburnum did more than just brighten your home: the long stems were used as shafts for arrows. So what we perceive as the cute Viburnum could do quite a lot of damage.