Bouquet recipe: a winter display full of rich colours

Brighten up the grey and gloomy season

Right now, the outdoors is dull and dreary, but inside, we’re bursting with colour. Transform your interior this season with an enchanting bouquet that includes viburnum and cymbidium to create light in the darkness. Wave goodbye to the winter blues now!

Colourful winter bouquet
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There is plenty to discover in the palette of this bouquet. Take in the 360 degree perspective of its beauty - from green viburnum and yellow mimosa on one side, to orange cymbidium and yellow-purple Protea on the other, this display delivers energy on a grey wintery day.



There are simple steps to making this winter bouquet. Firstly, clean the vase thoroughly, fill it with water and cut flower food. This is when the flower arranging begins. Start with viburnum, add cymbidium and insert protea and mimosa in between. You may have to cut some flowers shorter than others to create a beautiful finish. Pleased with your composition? Time to let this blossom in your favourite corner of the room.

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