A delicate yellow heart

You don’t need much more than a waving cloud of mimosa in a single vase to make a floral statement in your home. Is this mimosa, shameplant or acacia?


We can see where the confusion arises. There is a flower whose official name is Mimosa pudica is commonly known as ‘shameplant’ or ‘touch-me-not’ and has puffs of pink flowers. The yellow flower that we're referring to when we think of mimosa has the official Latin name of Acacia. Here too there are different varieties, such as Clair de Lune, Floribunda and Lungi Flora. They all have delicate yellow floral pom-poms. Like lilachydrangea and Viburnum, mimosa is a woody plant. 


It’s no surprise that we love the name Mimosa. The drink of the same name, combining champagne and orange juice, has the same fresh colour. With a vase of the mimosa flower on your breakfast table, it's like you're toasting life every day.  


Acacia is found all over the world, from Australia to South Africa, where they stand out on tall bushes, radiant against the blue sky.