Must-have for your rustic bouquet

Everyone loves an elegant rustic bouquet. Especially an eclectic version with free shapes and soft shades. Want to do it yourself? Then put Veronica on your list of ingredients. 


Colours and shapes

Veronica comes in all sorts of shades of blue, but also purple, pink and white. That makes this flower a very suitable candidate for a spring or autumn bouquet. There are more than ten varieties of Veronica available in the shops, and they can be recognised by the flower shape with its conical upward spike. You often also see Veronica in gardens, with butterflies cheerfully fluttering around it.


Veronica is commonly known as speedwell. This name probably means the same as ‘prosper well’ - something we’d definitely like to wish our loved ones (and ourselves!).


Veronica is native to Europe and some parts of northern Asia.