A long-lasting flower

Mother Nature was having a good day when she designed the Ornithogalum. Check out the creative construction of this flower!

Colours and shapes 

Ornithogalum has a long flower stem with a cluster of small white flowers at the end, surrounding a black centre. It's a flower full of small flowers. These flowers open one by one and aren't quick bloomers, so you'll be able to enjoy it for an extra long time. 


The symbolic meaning of Ornithogalum is purity - good to know for matching it for the occasion you're buying it for or the person you're giving it to. 


Most Ornithogalum species occur naturally in Southern Europe, South Africa and Asia. The name Ornithogalum comes from the Greek ornis or ornithos (bird) and galum (milk). That is why the flower is also known as bird's milk. Although the flower is part of the asparagus family, it's not intended for consumption.