Tempt spring indoors with ranunculus

Spring deserves to be celebrated. You can do that extravagantly with ranunculus, a party animal of the first order. The grower plants the bulbs for this seasonal flower in the autumn, so that the ranunculus emerges just at the moment when you're ready for your spring party. Good timing!

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Colours and shapes

The ranunculus comes in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Its petals open one by one, so you can slowly look deep into its good heart.


Did you know that the ranunculus symbolises charm? If you gave someone a bunch of ranunculus in Victorian times, you were saying: "I feel you have many charms." Those were the days eh? But you can be sure that nowadays you can still make people happy with a colourful bunch of ranunculus.


The ranunculus comes all the way from central Asia originally. By a roundabout route the flower finally ended up in Europe, where it was given its official name: Ranunculus. This is the Latin word for frog - not so strange if you bear in mind that in the wild the ranunculus occurs in swampy areas.

RanonkelInspiration bouquet with ranunculus

For a nice full spring bouquet, with both bright colours and pastels, you should invite a couple of other flowers into your vase alongside a mixture of ranunculus. Statice (or Limonium) for example. In this bouquet we used two types, namely mixed Statice and a finer Statice variety. You can also spot the tulip, nerine and stock in the bouquet, as well as a brand-new flower: Thlaspi Green Bell. Naturally your florist will be happy to help you put together this irresistible spring bouquet.