Bouquet recipe: colour blocking with spring flowers

Go crazy with the colours of spring
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Forget your busy diary bursting with obligations. This month the Flower Agenda will be setting your mood. Ignore the rules and dabble in some eye-catching colour combos.

You will need

Become a style guru with spring flowers

Your circle of friends is bound to include some colourful style gurus who combine things instinctively and are not afraid to follow their own taste. Today you’re one of those. Colour block with spring flowers until your heart says - or rather shrieks -‘Hello spring sunshine!’ That’s the only thing that’s on your Flower Agenda.

Red, blue and yellow?

A claret ranunculus hanging out with an indigo anemone: why not? With a ball of yellow from the Leucospermum and some Asparagus green your primary colour palette is complete. Frittilaria adds a pinch of contrariness and the airiness comes from Lathyrus. Place your colour block bouquet in a glass vase and give yourself a pat on the back. Or even two.

Daring is sharing

Were you brave? Then be a floral style guru and share your spring composition on Instagram with the hashtag #howflowersdothat and inspire others to follow the path of colour this month.