Favourite Flower

What’s your favourite flower?

You shouldn’t keep your favourite flower to yourself. Let everyone know which flower is your favourite, so that they can bring a smile to your face with it. And if you know your lover’s, best friend’s or mother’s favourite flower, you can bring some extra magic to their bouquets as well. Because that’s what a favourite flower does.

The story behind your favourite flower

There’s bound to be a story attached to your favourite flower. A memory of that special moment in your life, because it involved love, friendship or another event which changed your life. A small gesture that brings back the giggles or goosebumps. When petals dried your salty tears, or rustled carefree in the summer sun.


Don’t just give a flower

But do you also know the story behind your friends and family’s favourite flower? It might not seem important to know someone’s favourite flower, but it is. If you give someone their favourite flower, the gift becomes more valuable. An article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology* reports that we expect to receive a personal gift from our friends. It makes the bond tangible, emphasising the intimacy of the relationship. So there are good reasons for sharing your favourite flower and finding out what the favourite flower is of other important people in your life.

*Source: J.H. Berg/R.D. McQuinn: Attraction and Exchange in Continuing and Noncontinuing Dating Relationships. In: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 50 (May) 1986, S. 942 - 952.