Sprays of scented spring

When the floral cluster of blue bells tinkles, you know you can go outside again. Muscari, also known as grape hyacinth, is a classic spring bloomer that tells you that your thick winter coat can go back in the cupboard for another year. Goodbye cold! Cheerfully supported on their bulb or loose in a spring vase, you're set for some bright blue fun. The scent of musk soon spreads through your home, hence the name Muscari.


Muscari comes in blue and in a gradient from white to blue. The stems are around 15 cm long, with cheerful leaf spears at the bottom. They grow from the bulb which you can place stylishly on a bowl, but you can also buy them in bunches and in spring bouquets. There are also completely white flowers available.


The blue flower bells symbolise the doors and windows that can shortly be thrown open, bare legs and short sleeves, flip-flops and picnics that go on for hours. This might not be an official meaning, but it’s still nice. In actual fact, the blue colour stands for self-confidence and responsibility — all you need for a spring picnic.


Muscari originate from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Luckily they now also grow widely in our part of the world. Interesting fact: according to the plant classification system muscari can be classified in both the asparagus family and the hyacinth family.

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