A colourful celebration of friendship

Twisted leaves and fantastic brightly coloured flowers are Alstroemeria’s key features. It symbolises friendship, making it the perfect flower to give to your best friends.

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Colours and shapes

The Alstroemeria hides somewhat shyly in the shop - but what a surprise when you bring it home and the flowers open! You'll see six to eight flowers per stem with a flaming interior of white, yellow, red, orange, purple or pink. These flowers last a long time when cut, making them a great choice to bring home. 


The Alstroemeria symbolises enduring friendship and is therefore the perfect gift to celebrate a beautiful friendship. Each of the Alstroemeria’s six petals represent an important characteristic: understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment and respect. You can decide for yourself which petal represents which quality. 


The exotic Alstroemeria is also called the Inca Lily. This is a reference to its natural habitat in the cool mountain ranges of the Andes in Chile, Brazil and Peru. The flower was discovered there in the 18th century by the Swedish scientist Clas Alströmer. It was he who gave the flower its current name.