Give your home an instant style boost with orchids

The classic orchid gives your interior a stylish update in an instant. Place an elegant stem in a substantial vase to create a feature in your home which will last for weeks. Little effort for a spectacular effect.

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Colours and shapes

The orchid fits with every style, so this beauty deserves the title of the Perfect Flower. There are more than 25,000 species, but you will most likely find the lovelies from the tropics at your florist. The flower comes in gorgeous colours, from powder pastels to candy pink or Zen white. There are even tiger prints, cow spots and stripes. Opts for the butterfly-like Phalaenopsis, the vampy Vanda, the slender Cymbidium or the Venus slipper Paphiopedilum (pronounced ‘pa-fee-oh-ped-il-um’). They’re are all just beautiful as their names suggest.


The orchid symbolises pure friendship. When you give it as a gift, be like the Brazilians and give a kiss for every flower. The orchid was First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s favourite flower. Talk about stylish…


You never ask a lady her age, so no one can say how old the stylish beauties in the world’s second-largest family of plants are. What we do know is that many of the orchid’s fabulous colours and shapes originate from the tropical rainforest. 

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Bouquet inspiration with orchids

Let the other flowers’ extravagant colours frame the orchid and put it in the spotlight. Make it luxuriant with colours that match and clash ever-so-slightly at the same time. A mix of Dendrobium varieties, Aranthera, Mokara, Aranda and rosehips create a party in a vase. Get to work on this fantastic bouquet. Of course you can also ask your florist to create this beautiful bouquet for you.