Flower of love

Beautiful dreams about orchids
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You don`t just dream randomly; you’re processing things that you`ve experienced during the day or anticipating what is to come. But what does it mean if you dream about orchids? In that case it's very important to remember the rest of the dream as well. 

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Night-time flower visit

What your orchid dream means depends on the rest of the dream, but it almost always involves intense love. If you give an orchid away, you will shortly be spending a lot of money on someone you care deeply about and vice versa: if you are given an orchid by someone then you will receive a wonderful gift from a partner. If you sniff this stylish flower in your sleep, you clearly have strong feelings for someone. 

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Dream blossom

The orchid`s blossom can also appear in your dreams and this means that you should prepare for change. You will hear news that will make you very happy.

Floral dream

You can also dream about flowers in general, or about a large bouquet with various flowers. If you see them in a host of colours that symbolises fun, splendour, perfection, specialness and friendliness. Dead or withered flowers represent disappointment. If all the flowers are white, that signifies sadness. Just like when you`re awake, it`s also lovely to receive a bouquet in your sleep -  a bouquet of compliments, approval and respect. You should dream up a vase to put that in!

Orchidee Bloemenagenda Mooiwatbloemendoen Bloem van de liefde