Exotic long lasting beauty

Apart from all the bling bling, this flower has another advantage: The anthurium has the longest vase life of all cut flowers.


Colours and shapes

Did you know that the anthurium flower is not the brightly coloured spathe , but the spadix (the ‘finger’ that sticks out from the spathe)? This spathe  is available in shiny white, red, pink, purple, orange, green and multi-coloured leaves.


Given its appearance and origin, the anthurium symbolises exotic beauty. The name anthurium derives from the Greek words ‘anthos’ and ‘oura’ which means ‘bloom’ and ‘tail’. Very appropriate.


The anthurium originates from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela. The French botanicus Eduard André discovered the flower in 1876 in Columbia and Ecuador. He was a busy man as he also discovered orchids, bromeliads and various calla lilies.  Then he brought them all back to Europe. Thank you Eduard!