Día De Los Muertos DIY: Flower altar

Create a space at home to honour the dead

On Día de los Muertos the altar is the place to remember your loved ones and welcome their souls back to the house. It doesn't have to be a religious or even sad space — in fact, it shouldn't be. The festival is all about remembering the best moments you shared with those who have passed away, so the altar is a colourful, joyful space. Decorated with love and care, it's bound to feel magical.

"DIY de Muertos”: bloemenaltaar | Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl


  • Different sized vases or bowls that can hold water
  • Candleholder(s) and candle(s)
  • Decorative sugar skulls and/or clay skulls
  • Flowers — we used the carnation, aster, dahlia, vanda, gerbera and the flame lily but you can choose your own petals, or add the favourite flowers of your loved ones.

How to make it

Find a good place in your house to create your altar. It could be on top of a sideboard, or on a mantepiece or corner table.

Cut the heads off several of your flowers. Fill your small bowls with water and float the flower heads gently on the surface of the water. Then place the rest of the flowers bunched together in small vases on the altar. Place a lit candle in the centre, along with personal objects of the person who has passed away, and small ornamental skulls, if you have them.

To finish off the altar, make a flower garland with leftover blooms by stringing a thread through the centre of the flowerheads. Click here for instructions on how to make one with carnations. Drape it around the edge of the table or mantlepiece to complete the joyous display.

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