Fill your home with heart-shaped anthuriums

These tender-hearted flowers bring love into any space
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If you look closely at the colourful spathes of anthurium, you'll see they look like the sweetest, most gentle hearts. They're exactly what we need in our home: a flower whose very essence reminds us of love, care and kindness.

Fill your home with heart-shaped anthuriums |

Anthurium grow in a variety of soft colours, while their strong, dependable structure means they have a long vase life. Add them in places around your home where you could do with some love and attention, and let them spread the love around. One idea is to place them where you might come across them in the early morning, a time when flowers have been scientifically proven to lift our spirits. Anthurium look beautiful in a bouquet, or consider increasing the dose of flower love by placing single stems in individual statement vases. 

The name anthurium derives from the Greek words ‘anthos’ meaning ‘bloom’ — so let love bloom and fill your home with hearts.