The mysterious and magical iris

The iris has something mysterious. It has colours in its colour palette which other flowers don’t have. And something magical. It is named after the rainbow goddess. Curious? We would like to introduce you.


Colours and shapes

The iris is especially known for its many beautiful shades of blue, a colour that one doesn’t often see in cut flowers. Irises also come in many other colours including white, yellow and purple. And there are also all kinds of bi-coloured irises. The flower has three flower petals which open completely so you can see deep into the heart of the flower.


In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris was the rainbow goddess. The flower was named after her because of the many colours of the rainbow where the iris can be found. Goddess Iris was the messenger of the gods and the rainbow was the bridge between heaven and earth. When you give someone irises, it means ‘I have a message for you’.


The charismatic Iris was discovered long ago by people with an eye for beauty. In the Eyptian pyramids you can find paintings of the flower, which according to scientists date from 1500 BC. The Iris also had a glorious life afterwards. She decorated the arms of Louis XVIII (for protection against death) and regularly served as a model for painter Vincent van Gogh. Irises belong to the Lissenfamilie (Idraceae), just like crocuses and freesia. They prefer to grow and grow best in the northern climate zones. Fun fact: Irises do not like wet feet. Have you spotted the flower at the water's edge, then you know that there is shallow water.