Whether it's fresh or dried, this flower is always a great bet.

The Helichrysum, also known as the straw flower, is really something special. The petals crackle, a bit like paper does, even when the flower is fresh!

Colours and shapes 

While the Helichrysum is a great choice for drying, it's just as beautiful when fresh, with its yellow, white, pink, orange and red petals. The leaves of the flower are oblong and light green. If you want to dry this flower to preserve it, wait until all the flowers are open and then hang them upside down in a dry place.


The symbolic meaning of the Helichrysum is a strong one, with the flower being a symbol for immortality - appropriate when you can extend the life of this bloom so much by drying it! 


The straw flower was once found only in Australia, but its hardiness means it can now be found all over the world. It's related to the aster, with both plants resembling each other strongly.