Tips and inspiration for a colourful autumn

For some, autumn isn’t their favourite season - we can understand that. After all, it’s the season when we say goodbye to the sunshine and prepare for colder months. However, don’t be too down on Mother Nature – this is her harvest season after all. Her work’s done and now she’s preparing for the peace of winter but before that, we are treated to her flaming beauty. Read on and become a fan of autumn, if you weren’t already… 

Autumn -

Our autumn dossier shows how you can create a green oasis at home, your own space into which you can retreat. Where you can curl up on the sofa and unashamedly enjoy a slice of banana and walnut cake with borage. And another slice…And another slice. Where you create little flower altars to put on display, make your own trendy autumn necklace, keep flowers in epoxy resin. Preserve and display your treasures and celebrate the season to the relaxed soul sound of Etta James on your botanical record player. And obviously your ‘she shed’ features a lavish autumn bouquet that cannot be overlooked. 

Autumn board

You can find plenty of autumn flower ideas on our Pinterest. Be inspired, re-pin and comment to your heart’s content. If you have an autumn board with flowers of your own, let us know where we can admire it.

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Special thanks to: Loods 5, Returning Seasons and Tuin van Judith