A toast to the new season

It’s autumn. We’re embracing the season of mellow fruitfulness in a chic way, indoors with friends and family. We are thereby dressing the French tradition of apéro in a new, dazzling floral outfit.


The urban chic French apéro

But what is apéro? It’s the French habit of gathering together with friends or family in the time before dinner. A time to relax with a drink and snacks. You shake off a busy (working) day and catch up, enjoy the chatter, a groovy tune and the clatter of ice cubes. That sounds like our pre-supper drinks, doesn’t it? That’s right, but in chic outfit. You put on a nice dress, your va-va-voom heels and your favourite lipstick. When the guests arrive you serve dazzling, refined snacks and drinks with a floral twist to lend the finishing touch. 


Autumn on

In our autumn dossier we provide you with the recipes for magnificent floral drinks and show you how to transform your coffee table into a perfect photogenic centrepiece for your apéro. We present a DIY craft project for vintage chic coasters and a couple of ideas for transforming your bar cart into a glamorous showstopper. And yes, naturally flowers play a role in that. They also appear in an enrapturing autumn bouquet and a couple of small, refined bouquets for on the table. Choose the music, invite your friends: welcome to the apéro. You can spend 'the day after’ cosily on the sofa with a great craft project.

And on social media...

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