This season calls for flowers

Autumn is the season when nature's colours change from fresh green to flaming orange and scarlet. The wind is blowing and a cool breeze stirs the house and lifts our spirits. It's the most magnificent feeling when we recreate the lost warmth of summer by curling up indoors, switching on the heating, and perhaps even lighting the fire. At this time of year, the smell of wet paths evokes wonderfully nostalgic memories. Even the rain pattering on the window panes can't dampen our spirits. Instead, it succeeds in making us smile. When the clouds finally part, golden rays of sunshine creep across the kitchen floor and fill the shortening days with warm, glowing light. Let's be honest here: autumn isn’t a season, it’s a state of mind.

Autumn calls for flowers

It's time to settle down into autumn. To make it easy for you, we’ve curated a selection of floral tips to help you feel, smell and taste all the best bits of the season.


Some flowers are synonymous with autumn: think chrysanthemums, asters and rosehips. But you should also take a closer look at Veronica, Hypericum, Crocosmia and Scabiosa — they're the unsung stars of the season. Discover all the flowers linked with this time of year in our article on classic autumn flowers.


As we slowly move our lives from summer parks and gardens back indoors, it’s important to make our homes feel a bit more welcoming and cosy. Decorate bathrooms and bedrooms with flowers in delicate vases, and fill bathtubs swimming with petals for luxurious me-time. Give the fragrance of your house a boost with a home-made room spray, filled with the familiar perfumes of autumn, or dry a flower bouquet on a door frame to preserve the colours of the season. If you're feeling inspired by these DIY craft projects, you're in luck — we have another six in store for you.


Will you be creating a gorgeously refined flower arrangement this season? Or does your rebellious character mean you'll choose a big, bold bouquet? Whatever your personal preference, we have a bouquet recipe for you. Create it yourself with our how-to guide or ask a florist to arrange your flowers for you.






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