An autumn altar with flowers

Let's welcome in the season

Autumn is a special season. The frivolity of summer gives way to a quieter pace. The days become shorter, the trees barer and the temperature colder. We move inward, literally and figuratively. The word autumn is derived from the Proto-Germanic 'harbusta', which freely translated means 'picking, cutting and pruning'. And that is exactly what we are going to do with this autumn altar, by collecting and displaying everything that autumn has to offer.

Herfstaltaar met bloemen
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A seasonal table is often made at nursery school, with a collection of "found objects" from the forest such as leaves, chestnuts and a drawing of a red mushroom with white dots. This transition tradition is not only great fun for kids, but also for adults. In autumn, you have various special days such as All Souls' Day, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain and Halloween. These are days to remember loved ones who are no longer with us or to leave a period behind us and celebrate a new beginning. How special to set up an autumn altar in your home to enjoy and commemorate these days as well?


You can make your autumn altar just the way you like it. Go out into nature yourself or with the children and collect acorns and pine cones lying on the ground and beautiful fallen leaves. Make a bouquet - or several mini bouquets - with classic autumn flowers such as chrysanthemum, carnation, rose, Hypericum, Veronica, solidago, waxflower and rosehip. Place a beautiful candle here and there and include your DIY pumpkin with a floral print.


Your seasonal table will change with the season. Create it intuitively and let your autumn table be an organic whole that you adjust throughout the season. Add new finds and change the flowers after each visit to the florist.


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Herfstaltaar met bloemen