DIY: pumpkin artwork with flowers

To enjoy for the entire season

With this wonderful DIY, you will have a beautiful work of art on your table all season long. It's made with the stars of the season: classic autumn flowers and pumpkins. Will you get make this DIY?

DIY: pompoenkunstwerk met bloemen
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you will need

  • Pumpkins in different sizes (and possibly colours). For example, butternut squash
  • Classic autumn flowers 
  • Paint
  • Different brushes

how to make it

If the colour of the pumpkin doesn't quite match your autumn altar, you can give it a different base colour. This can be done with a coarser brush that the one you'll use to paint the flowers. Let this base layer dry and, in the meantime, think about which flowers you want to paint in lovely autumn colours.

Take some flowers from your vase to stay true to life. Using a small brush and yellow, red or orange paint, create classic autumn flowers such as chrysanthemum, carnation and dahlia. Don't forget to paint the leaves to gives that real autumn feeling.


Done with the first pumpkin? Fantastic! You can paint a second pumpkin the same way or leave it very modern and monochrome. And use real flowers to decorate the pumpkins! You can read how to do that here. Also fun, these DIY pumpkin vases for a surprising autumn entrance.


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