Hang on to the real feeling of summer with hydrangeas

Looking for a natural pick-me-up for your home? With its robust flowers that can have a combined diameter of up to 25 centimetres, the hydrangea is an excellent choice. You can enjoy a 'holiday in a vase' feeling with these big orbs of petals. 

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Colours and shapes

In the first half of the year you see red, pink, purple, white, green and blue hydrangeas, as well as hydrangeas which combine several colours together. In the second half of the year there are the ‘colour-changed’ flowers. These hydrangeas have a green/dark red/brown tone and are good for drying. There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to shape. You can choose single or double flowered varieties, globe-shaped hydrangeas, hydrangeas with small flowers in the middle and large petals on the edge (edge bloomers) or hydrangeas with a plume shape.


The hydrangea is bursting with symbolism. The flower symbolises gratitude, grace and beauty. It also projects abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. The hydrangea’s colours symbolise love, harmony and peace so it’s perfect for use in floral work for weddings, funerals or birthdays.


The hydrangea that you find in florists has Asian and South American roots. This mood maker was brought to Europe on the first Dutch East Indies Company ships. 

Interesting fact: the name hydrangea comes from ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (pitcher), because the hydrangea’s shape is reminiscent of an old water pitcher - though you need quite a lot of imagination to see it!

Bouquet inspiration with hydrangeas

Make it cute, enthusiastic and romantic! Create a nonchalant bouquet that looks like you just went out and picked it, but that has now been fantastically styled to work perfectly in your interior. Combine this remarkable ball of petals with Viburnum, Bupleurum, Calla and Crocosmia berry to create a remarkable and unexpectedly beautiful effect.