Hydrangea: the prima ballerina in the dance of the flowers

She can easily carry the show on her own
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Have you ever thought of flowers as ballet dancers? With a little bit of imagination, the petals resemble cheerful tutus and the stems the slender bodies of the leading dancers. The hydrangea steals the show with its enormous globe bursting with delicate flowers. Welcome to the dance of the flowers!

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Prima ballerina

With hydrangeas in your home, you can enjoy a classic floral performance. The globes can reach 25 centimetres, and come in all the colours imaginable. Just a couple of stems give you an impressive bouquet. You can easily just limit yourself to a couple of hydrangeas, because a flower with such a beautiful costume will soon take centre stage as the prima ballerina. Don’t forget to choose a sturdy vase in that case, because the globe of flowers can be quite heavy.

Corps de ballet

If you prefer a colourful bouquet with different flowers, you’re a fan of the corps de ballet. In that case we have a fabulous bouquet recipe for you with hydrangeas, roses, carnations and dahlias. 

Choose your symbolism

The hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty. These beautiful meanings are the starting point for a bouquet with story. Create your own, or be inspired by the classic storylines from the stage.