A clever Christmas tree made of dried flowers

With ornaments made from golden flowers

This season, we're aiming for sustainability for our end-of-year celebrations. From decoration to gift wrapping, including tableware and the Christmas tree, we opt for sustainable or upcycled elements, including cut flowers. Here, we give them a second life when dried, to make floral sculptures. This is a fresh take on traditional decorations, with added sparkle through bright colours. 

A dried flower Christmas tree | funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk
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Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk has partnered with Vogue Living magazine to inspire you. This year, we invite you to invest in plants. Flowers of different shapes and textures set the tone. Together they create a unique Christmas decoration, in a folk-chic spirit that breaks the rules. 

The traditional Christmas tree has given way to a Christmas “tree”, with pampas grasses and various dried flowers. This floral sculpture in the shape of a fir tree is also decorated with colourful fresh flowers -  hyacinths and hydrangeas with gold tinted petals, to make the whole decoration sparkle.

The tree in the photo evokes a natural, plant-based feel. A solid wooden trunk, dried limonium, rosehip branches and heather make up this life-size tree, sculpted with flowers and berries. All together, it creates astonishing and enchanting picture!  


Let yourself be inspired by this totally original Christmas decoration, and create your own interpretation at home. Whether to make your mini version of the "tree" - ideal for decorating a piece of furniture or your party table - create Christmas garlands in the same style, or simply compose your own festive floral sculptures, let our seasonal flowers and the Trend Collection inspire you!

Let us know if these Vogue Living creations stimulate your imagination!

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