DIY: a dazzling garland with dried flowers

To help you dream

A garland is a wonderful addition to the Christmas decorations in your home. It's ideal to place in an unusual place in your home, such as in an art studio on an easel or in your home office beside your computer. Wherever you place this dazzling garland, it will be a place to stop and dream about what has been and what will be.

DIY: a dazzling garland with dried flowers |
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You will need:

  • Pampas grass 
  • Dried rusk 
  • Heather 
  • Stipa grass
  • Florist's tape
  • Sturdy wire
  • Pliers

How to make it

Start with a sturdy piece of wire. Fold it in half and twist the wire slightly around each other. This makes it easier to stick the stems between the iron wire. You can fasten the rest of the stems with florist's tape.

Aim to make the garland into a fan shape, using structured short stems at the top and more protuding, fan-shaped flowers at the base. Your garland will be uniquely beautiful no matter what it looks like. Experiment with colour gradients, using different shapes and structures, and with fresh and dried flowers.

Is your garland finished? Carefully bend it around your easel, door or curtain rod. Don't want to make yourself? Ask your florist to make one for you. This one was made by florist A.P. Bloem from Amsterdam.

Drying flowers

Got the taste for dried flowers? We've already written about how to dry flowers yourself, there's an article about how to arrange a spectacular dried flower bouquet and we spoke to the dried flower florist Yoko Negi about her love for dried flowers and her dreamy flower clouds.

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