DIY: a colourful Christmas wreath

With festive flowers

Some things just scream Christmas. Advent candles, cheesy Christmas jumpers, wearing cosy socks by the fireplace and beautiful wreaths made with classic festive flowers. This year, we're making a Christmas wreath with amaryllis and rose in the leading roles. With its cosy colour palette, it gives you an instant Christmas feeling whether you hang it on your front door, in the living room or in any other favourite spot.

DIY: a colourful Christmas wreath |
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You will need:

  • Roses 
  • Amaryllis 
  • A decorative ring (of metel or wood) and florist's tape, or a wreath of straw and some yarn
  • Flowers that dry nicely, so your wreath will stay beautiful for longer. Or choose flowers that are beautiful only while fresh, but accept that your wreath will only stay at its best for a few days
  • Optional: flower tubes (to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible)
  • A pair of secateurs

How to make it

Step 1 Buy a decorative ring, made either of iron or wood, or a wreath of straw, that matches the size of the door where you're intending to hang your wreath. 

Step 2 Select flowers that dry well, so your wreath will last longer. We chose rose and amaryllis. If you choose flowers that are beautiful fresh but less do dried, your wreath will look amazing but won't last longer than a few days.

Step 3 It's time to build your wreath. Place your flowers onto your ring however you'd like, then taking florist's tape for a wooden or metal wreath and yarn for a straw one, start securing your blooms to the ring and the flowers. Work row by row, placing flowers over the fastenings to disguise them. When everything is secure, hang the wreath to make sure all the flowers are firmly attached. 

Step 4 Gravity may cause some of the flowers to shift around - if this happens, add more fastenings or flowers to fill the gaps. 

Step 5 Enjoy seeing your smile-inducing floral wreath!


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