How to present a mono-bouquet in the most beautiful way

Make your flowers twice as gorgeous

Do you have a favourite work of art? Maybe it's a painting, a sculpture or a piece of music. There's something about the emotions and intensity of art that makes it so special to many people. Why not bring this attitude to a bunch of flowers? A mono-bouquet, meaning a bouquet made up of a singular type of flower, can convey whatever artistic message or emotion you want to imbue it with. 

A beautiful mono-bouquet |
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Choose your flowers

Which mono-bouquet will you choose? Will it be the ever-exciting blue thistle, the graceful amaryllis, the versatile chrysanthemum or the beautiful rose? Perhaps you know the recipient's favourite flower, which would make the bouquet even more special, or you could use the symbolism of a flower to convey a message. Did you know that flowers can have different means depending on their colour? Check out our flower list to learn the symbolism of all flower types.

A blank canvas
Empty, large sheets of paper serve as a canvas for your artwork, in which you will then wrap the flowers. You can make your creation as crazy or simple as you like. Get to work with black pens and be inspired by the works of Art by Lois Schindeler. Or choose one of the great masters of painting: Monet, Mondrian, or Picasso. Imagine a mono-bouquet of carnations in a Pollock-esque jacket? Or a bunch of lisianthus with a touch of Van Gogh about them?

Double the fun

If your beautiful print is a success, your artwork could even be kept in a frame. That way, you can have art both on the wall and in the vase!

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