This fantastic flower shines with sunlight

To add effervescent, bright yellow energy in a bouquet, opt for Solidago. Also known as goldenrod, it adds immediate volume and lustre to a flower arrangement. Solidago is available as a bouquet flower all year round, a perfect pick-me-up for the dark days of winter. The colours are so beautiful that Solidago was traditionally used to add warm golden yellow tones to wool. 

Colours and shapes

Solidago is about golden happiness. From gold and honey to canary, ochre and lemon, the flowers waft with different shades of summery relaxation. Unsurprisingly, the bees are also huge fans.


Solidago has many meanings, so pick the one that best suits the occasion, from sincerity and money to success and happiness. No wonder its common name is goldenrod. The flower also provides support in difficult times: place a bunch in a vase by the front door for luck, and give a big bouquet to a friend who could do with encouragement and support. If you see the plant shimmering in the wild, legend has it there'll be treasure buried underneath.


Originally from North America, we've been enjoying this flower in Europe since 1645. As a contrast, the Chinese and Japanese view the naturalised plant as a pest. For centuries, Native Americans celebrated the healing properties of these eye-catching yellow flowers. It's where the name comes from: firm (solidus) and make (ago).