A robust autumn flower with a pink glow

Sedum may be a succulent, but that doesn't mean it can't hold its own in a bouquet. This flower provides firmness, structure and, of course, beauty.

Colours and shapes 

Light green stems with flowers of the same colour that slowly turn pink - that's how you recognise Sedum. All those little flowers together make for a pretty impressive bloom. The stems also grow sturdy, thick leaves. Sedum's deep colours make it particularly at home in an autumnal field bouquet, and you can even dry the flowers afterwards.


In the Netherlands, the flower is also known as the 'celestial key'. According to a folk legend, St Peter lost his bunch of keys at the gates of heaven, and the plant grew where the keys fell. However, there is no symbolic meaning attached to this flower, no matter how beautiful its name is. 


Sedum belongs to the succulent family, specifically to the Crassulaceae. In the wild, Sedum is found throughout the northern hemisphere. It often grows in drier, rockier areas. The fact that the leaves can store a lot of water means that Sedum can withstand drought well. The sturdy leaves also add a robust touch to a bouquet.