Mother’s Day: floral inspiration and gift ideas

Floral ideas for wonderful mothers of all kinds

Mother's Day is all about celebrating mothers of all varieties. Whether you want to send a card and flowers to your lovely mum or your fantastic grandma, your foster mother, stepmum or aunt, your friend who just had a baby or any other mother figure in your life, there's an idea for you here. Everyone deserves to be spoiled with flowers on Mother's Day! If you've left finding a gift a little late, your local florist is sure to be happy to help you out. 

Mother's Day
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original gift ideas for mother's day

Mother's Day is a moment to surround our mums with flowers. If you're looking for DIY inspiration, roll up your sleeves and check out our DIY floral monogram, or gets the little ones in your life involved and make some mini bouquets together. And for those of us who have lost our mums, in whatever sense, a bouquet made in their honour does justice to the memory we carry in our hearts

the best flowers for mother's day

Mother's Day is all about expressing your feelings for your mother or maternal figure. The best way to do that is to say it with flowers! If you need some help choosing which flower you should gift her, take a look at our suggestions of the seven best flowers for Mother's Day. These beauties are stunning and are rich in symbolism. Choose your favourite and get to your local florist posthaste!


Perhaps your mother, mother-in-law or grandmother is no longer with us. That makes days such as Mother's Day emotional or difficult, which is tough. If you're unable to spend Mother's Day with your mama for whatever reason, it can be a good opportunity to celebrate her and cherish the memories you have together. We've put together some ideas for flowers and ways to remember her so can still feel her presence on this special day. 


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