Flowers for the mothers in your heart

Commemorating on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we celebrate all mothers. Grandmothers, pregnant women, godmothers, amazing aunts, stepmothers, but certainly also mothers who are no longer with us. Because they are particularly missed on this special day. Missed, but not forgotten. This year on Mother’s Day we will also commemorate the mothers in our hearts. 

Flowers for the mothers in your heart

Mad crafts and lovely songs

Hopefully Mother’s Day this year will be amazing thanks to overexcited kiddiwinks with mad crafts, lovely songs, breakfast in bed and piles of chocolate. And it's Sunday as well - what a treat! 

Another idea with flowers

Was your mother a ‘what will the neighbours think’ wallflower? Then it’s nice to place some small vases on the windowsill with stems of her favourite flowers. It also looks great! Was your mother known for her frugality? Then you can celebrate with a loving altar with elements you already have in your home: a vintage vase, the best photo of her, that necklace you loved as a child, a feather that you found together on the beach. 

“Lovely tip: surprise your (grand)father with his late spouse’s favourite flowers.” 

That way Mum is still part of the celebrations. Although she always was - in your heart.