Mother’s Day

Lovely flower ideas for the most wonderful mothers

Whether you have a lovely mother or a fantastic grandma, foster mother or step-mother: on Mother’s Day you should spoil her with flowers. Ring up a flower supplier if you've left it a bit late in the day to organise a present. They'll be happy to create a beautiful bouquet for you.

Mother dearest

Mother's Day is a moment to surround our mums with flowers. We opted for a bouquet of heart-shaped calla lilies and anthuriums, but you should choose the flowers she likes best. 

Say it with her favourite flower

With flowers, you can tell your mother exactly how much she means to you. Flowers each have a message — we call their language floriography. A cheerful bouquet of her favourite flower, accompanied by a sweet card, makes for a very special, personal gift. And for those of us who have lost our mums, a bouquet made in their honour does justice to the memory we carry in our hearts