Mother’s Day

Lovely flower ideas for the loveliest mothers

Whether you have a lovely mother or a fantastic grandma, foster mother or step-mother: on Mother’s Day you will probably spoil her with flowers. Funnyhowflowersdothat is more than happy to give you the prettiest, most surprising and funniest flower gift tips.

Mother on a pedestal

Are you also celebrating Mother’s Day? A day to spoil your mother, carer or grandma and the perfect moment to surround her with flowers. In the articles below you can read how you can turn this Mother’s Day into the ultimate ‘spoil your mum with flowers’ day.

Say it with her favourite flower

With flowers, you can tell your mother precisely what she means to you. Flowers have a hidden message; we call their language Floriography. Besides flowers with a meaning, you’ll also give your mother her Favourite Flower of course. If you make a cheerful bouquet from it, nicely wrapped and with a sweet card, it will become a very special and personal gift. If you want to understand the true meaning of mother's day, read about its history and sentiment it might just surprise you! 

If you don't get the chance to spend time together often, then why not plan a whole 24 hours of Mother's Day activities, a fun full day of surprises! 

Funnyhowflowersdothat gives inspiration for unforgettable gifts and the best Mother’s Day ever.