When you’re full of the joys of spring and summer is around the corner

Spring and summer are some of the best seasons in the world of flowers. The beautiful peony comes into its own at this time, bringing with it the joy of spring. You should start spotting peonies around May and June, when they are widely available. If you're missing the sun, having some peonies on display in your home is a great start to feeling better. 

Colours and shapes

Anyone who falls in love with peonies is in luck, because there are more than 1000 varieties available in all sorts of shapes and colours. They come with a single row of petals, or with semi-double or double flowers. There’s also ample choice in terms of colour, with varieties coming in pale yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. And the fragrance of peonies is beautifully sweet and very appealing. 


The peony represents love, happiness and health, amongst other things. It’s no surprise that the peony is a popular guest at spring weddings. But it’s not just lovebirds that are attracted to this flower. Surely we all enjoy bringing a big bunch of positivity and love into our home?


Peonies have been popular in Europe since 1784, but in China they fell for the charms of this flower long before. There, peonies were cultivated not only for its flowers, but for its roots. According the Chinese it could be used to reduce fever and clot blood. But we don’t recommend putting the peony in your mouth - stick to admiring its blousy petals and taking photos.