When you’re full of the joys of spring and summer beckons…

These are the cheerful scintillating months in the world of flowers! May and June are the peonies’ months as this is when they are widely available. This fabulous bloomer is always full of the joys of spring so if you’re longing for the warmth of the sun, a peony in your home is a good start!

Colours and shapes

Anyone who falls for the charms of the peony is in luck: there are more than a thousand varieties available in all sorts of shapes and colours. They come with a single row of petals, or with semi-double or double flowers. There is also ample choice in terms of colour: the cheerful peony comes in pale yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red and the fragrance of peonies is beautifully sweet!


The peony represents love, happiness and health, amongst other things. It’s a nice bundle of positivity to bring into the home.


We have been enjoying the magnificent peony in Europe since 1784. In China they had already fallen under its spell before that. There the peony was cultivated not only for its flowers, but for its roots in particular. According to Chinese belief, it could be used to reduce fever and clot blood.

Pioenroos Bloemenagenda MooiwatbloemendoenBouquet inspiration 

Soft globes with satin petals which slowly open for you are always a feast for the eye. A peony bouquet is a delight, but don’t forget that there are original and innovative ways to show off the peony and lend it even more power. Try removing it from its romantic setting. Make up a sizeable bouquet combined with Celosia, columbine, forget-me-not and lathyrus. Obviously your florist will be happy to help you make up a sunny bouquet featuring those flowers.