DIY: Art installation with peonies

Create a colourful work of art with flowers

The peony should never be missed out of the Crazy Illusions style trend, which has colourful eye-catchers front and central. Give this flower a place of honor in your home by making a real work of art with it! This spectacular art installation DIY is inspired by the works of the Japanese artist Azuma Makoto. Are you ready for some floral art? Then quickly get the supplies and the Crazy Illusions feeling at home will soon follow. 

DIY art installation

You will need:

How to make it
Step 1

Layer by layer, fill the pot with flowers. Use different flowers per layer, so that you end up with a colourful whole. After each layer of flowers, fill the pot with distilled water. You can also add the water at the end, when the pot is completely filled with the different flower layers. Distilled water will keep the flowers looking great a little bit longer, but you can use tap water if you don't have any. 

Step 2
Continue until the jar is filled to the brim. The lid of the pot prevents the flowers from moving. 

Step 3
Did you choose a large glass jar? Try using the greenery attached to the flowers as extra filling in the centre of the pot to ensure you don't have any gaps. Another handy tip: by using large tweezers, you can position your flowers more exactly and get a more polished end result.

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