Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021: Crazy Illusions

Flower trends for the current season

When it comes to flowers, this season is all about fun and extravagance. The Crazy Illusions style trend means our dreams can merge with reality and inspires us to create a playful, happy and colourful look. Find pleasure in everything you do, and allow Crazy Illusions to stamp out any limitations you might feel. So let's allow our imaginations to run wild, discover the flowers of this season and give them a place in our home!

Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2021: Crazy Illusions

It's time to create a playful and extravagant atmosphere. Try mixing neutral-coloured tones with coloured flowers, and fresh blooms with dried ones.

We're starting this trend collection with gerbera. When you think of gerberas, you automatically think of colour! The gerbera is available in red, yellow, pink, lavender and orange, but also comes in two or more colours, making it a festive addition. This season, we're placing gerberas in coloured bouquets where they can shine. It's not only the bright colours that bring cheer - the different shapes of the gerbera are also guaranteed to make us smile. 

The lily is a large, lush, and impressive flower that fits this style trend perfectly. It symbolizes peace, love, innocence, purity and fertility. This flower is therefore ideal for a fancy chandelier! The lily comes in many different shapes (trumpet, shell and star) and sizes (7 to 25 centimetres).

The peony shouldn't be overlooked this season either. This lush flower loves the sun, which gives it a dreamy, romantic feeling. The peony is available in soft yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. Don't miss the delicious sweet smell of peonies, either. Among other things, it stands for love, health and happiness. This is how we bring a lot of positive vibes and love into the house!

The iris has been a muse in many works of art for centuries. The bright yellow and purple of this flower contrasts sharply with the pastel shades of the other flowers in this style trend, but it also comes in neutral white. In addition, the special shape of the iris, with its three petals, creates a playful effect within a bouquet. You can also combine flower with plants. How about, for example, an arrangement with the popular philodendron?

Delphinium comes in a fascinating blue colour and also in white, yellow, purple, red and pink. Combined with pampas grass in a crazy bouquet, it immediately brings the feeling of this trend collection into our home.

The celosia is a real eye-catcher. This flower has a special shape that's reminiscent of a brain, and the beautiful, bright colours of this flower are exactly what we need in this trend collection. The flower symbolizes courage and success and is therefore perfect for a bouquet for an exam, as motivation for studying or to cheer yourself up during the time you're working from home. 

Our spring/summer 2021 trend collection finishes with the tulip. You might not immediately think of extravagance when you consider this flower, but in fact, there are around 150 different tulips in more than 3,000 varieties! You'll never get bored of tulips because there's a whole range of these magical flowers. Both in neutral shades and brightly coloured versions, this flower fits wonderfully into this trend collection. A turquoise tulip and pink pampas grass bouquet, for instance, are a match made in heaven in the world of Crazy Illusions.

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You can find more ideas and inspiration for the current trend collection and the Crazy Illusions style trend on Pinterest and Instagram. We have also put together a wonderful online lookbook with great design ideas and unusual arrangements.