A tulip palette

Mix & match colours, shapes and symbolism

In a mixed bouquet, mono bouquet or as a solo stem, the tulip  is an all-time favourite and should not be missing this spring! No other flower offers more variety. There are about 150 different types, which are divided into more than 3,000 varieties. You almost get anxiety trying to choose, but don't worry! Simply mix and match the colours, shapes and symbolisms that feel best to you.

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The ever-cheerful tulip comes in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or with multicoloured petals. Contrary to popular myth, we haven't yet had the fortune of seeing blue or black tulips, although growers have got close, producing indigo and dark purple varieties, which appear blue and black respectively. Squint at them through half-closed eyes and pretend.


For centuries, people have found beauty in the shape of the tulip. The classic form is either a single or double row of petals, but there are also eye-catching fringed tulips, frilly-looking parrot tulips with serrated petals and flame-like lily tulips to contend with. Peony tulips unsurprisingly look remarkably like peonies, and French tulips are exceptionally tall, with very large flowers.


A red tulip means passionate love, and orange means: ‘I missed you.’ Yellow tulips represent sunshine and fun, whilst purple stands for spirituality and regal dignity. White tulips are useful to have on standby as you give these when you have to apologise for something.


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